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Recreation Use Permit

Please complete this online form to reserve a Township owned recreational facility for your team or organization's use.  Please provide 2-4 weeks for your request to be reviewed/processed.  Also, please provide a Certificate of Insurance naming Shamong Township as additional insured providing a minimum of $1 Million coverage of both General Liability and Personal Injury.

The following designations apply regarding field use permits, and priority for field usage shall be given in accord with same:

  • Shamong Township teams where at least 75% of the team roster are Shamong Township Residents.
  • Shamong Township headquartered teams where less then 75% of the team roster are Shamong Township residents.
  • Teams headquartered in other townships.
In order to qualify for category 1 or 2, the team must submit a full roster with players' names, addresses and phone numbers.

The Shamong Township Recreational Advisory Committee can cancel any permit, for cause, with no less than five days notice.

Groups and individuals from outside Shamong Township may only reserve fields on a daily basis and only within two weeks of the reserved date.